Impian Morib Hotel, Banting

Family Vacation, definitely leave a lasting memory
That was the name of the place. From the outside, it looked kinda classy, for Morib's standard. We went in to check it out. Thought of just walking around and make some inquiries. No harm right? Thank God we did. Cos we were slowly seduced into making serious considerations.

After making some initial enquirer at the reception, we headed straight to the swimming pool area. It was beautiful! They have a ping pong table, a goalpost in one corner, sand area for beach volleyball/ fuzzball. Saw three BBQ pits and then the beach. The beach was still awful. But never mind, everything inside the resort was just great.

Then we walked up to the conference halls. There were two halls: one huge and another smaller one. They were equipped with stage, mics, speakers, OHP, whiteboard, flip charts, tables & chairs. Only thing missing was LCD projector. We could imagine having our 'Relationship Enrichment' seminar there.
Large parking areas are provided.

Next we talked to the Sales Coordinator, Cik Siti. She sat us down at the restaurant (quite a decent one) and explained to us the different packages and details. Things looked quite good actually, including the price. We asked for a short tour and she kindly obliged.

There were two types of rooms: Deluxe and Superior. We first saw one of the deluxe rooms. We were kinda impressed. It had one double bed and one single bed, dressing table, TV with ASTRO, fridge, nice bathroom with shower and little sitting area beside the window. From the window, we could practically climbed out straight to the pool. The Superior rooms were just ordinary, but decent enough. Next she showed us the gym. It wasn't big, but the equipments were quite new.

After the tour, everyone was in favor of having the retreat there. The price will be above RM200++ for 3D/2N per pax. Not bad for a venue so near with wide variety of possible activities. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are Malay-style buffet. One of the dinners would be pool-side BBQ. Free-flow and served by the staffs. Transportation cost and duration is minimal.

We chilled out at the pool area playing "bluff" and snacking "kuaci". All in all, We had an enjoyable and fruitful afternoon there.

Some of the facilities here that interests me as WiFi, Gimnesium, Outdoor, recreation and sports center. The hotel is facing the sea but no beach because the sea end of the fortress was built of cement. Ideal for anglers here. Food provided was also satisfactory.

Contact us at :
Hotel Impian Morib
Tel  : 03-31982070 / 2512 / 2417 / 2416
Fax : 03-3198 2052

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Hotel Description 
Each of the 92 rooms at this 3-star hotel has all the comforts and conveniences of home. Included in all rooms are air conditioning, daily newspaper, internet access (wireless), television, shower, satellite/cable TV, coffee/tea maker, and complimentary bottled water. For the comfort and convenience of guests, you'll also find coffee shop, laundry service/dry cleaning, meeting facilities, room service, concierge, Wi-Fi on-site. Those looking for first-rate sporting and leisure facilities will find outdoor pool, garden. With its commitment to service and focus on hospitality, you'll enjoy your stay at Hotel Impian Morib, which is a mere 45 minutes from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT).


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Saya nak buat bengkel di sini. Minta kadar bayaran setiap peserta dan berapa ramai peserta yang boleh masuk dalam satu-satu masa. Juga tarikh yang diperlukan untuk booking. Boleh hantar senarai harga sewaan kepada saya di

  2. salam...saya fara..dari Pusat Sukan nk tny.kt tmpt puan awal Disembe 2011..adakah tempat tersebut ada bilik meeting yg boleh menempatkan seramai 15 orng pegawai

  3. Untuk meeting, memang ada malah menjadi tumpuan untuk mengadakan kursus atau bengkel.

  4. bilik katil size king harga brp?

  5. salam. Chinese New yr masih ada kosong? How much?

  6. salam... nk tanya la hotel dkt dgn laut ke? pantai morib blh mandi x? ada x tmpt khas utk kluarga yg dtg bercuti utk buat BBQ sendiri?

  7. as salam encik
    saya nak bertanya bilik untuK percutian kami sekeluarga
    2 dewasa
    3 kanak-kanak ( 5tahun,4tahun,2tahun)

    anak2 saya ni suka dan idam sgt nak g bercuti kat sana tempat dimana filem CUTI-CUTI CINTA dijalankan..
    siap buleh hafal dialog dlm tu...

    disini saya nak bertanyer..harga untuk 1mlm untuk bilik disana

  8. sy br abeh kursus induksi kt hotel ni. mmg terbaek..puas gler..xrse tekanan time induksi ni..

  9. Thanks, because I satisfied with the service we provide.

  10. Mcmne nk booking utk Family day on Nov 2013?

  11. ade kosong lagi tak untuk 25.4.2013 hingga 27.4.2013..?

  12. nk booking utk 3d2n..pd 6 - 8hb jun 2013 ni..ade kosong x ?

  13. pintu bilik air besar tak macam tak muat jer.utk makluman pinggang saya 62cm

  14. nak tanya dewan seminar besar mana? Boleh ke muat 300++, nak guna utk 2-4 december 2013 program melibatkan pelajar universiti.

  15. Salam admin..tlg email harga bilik utk cuti sekolah hujung thn...tq..

  16. saya guru sek dari shah alam.nak tanya kalau nak buat meeting di sana 2d1n.berapa kos?include with room,food n hall for meting.saya nak guna pada pertengahan november 2013.

  17. 25/12/13 ada bilik kosong x..utk 2 hari 1 mlm...

  18. maaf sya nk tnya bknan job vacation dkt sape ek yg boleh sye contact?

  19. saya nak booking untuk 2 malam 31/1 dan keluar pada 1/2 tel saya 0132445206 norazah dengan harga sekali ya untuk family

  20. Ada kekosongan 1 bilik pada 7hb -8hb untuk penginapan family. Kalau ada berapa kos 1mlm 2 hari.

  21. saya nk booking 5 /4 tapi xda kosong....kalu ada call saya

  22. salam... sy nk apply kerja.,
    ada sebarang emel x?
    atau sy perlu pos resume?

  23. salam, ada promosi untuk CNY 2015 x? nak buat family gathering,,

  24. as salam.jika ada kekosongan pada 10hb Jan (2H1M).saya ingin membuat tempahan untuk 7 orang kalau ada berapa kosnya dan bagaimana.


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