Rumah Peranginan Persekutuan Morib

The area is attractive and homely holiday

Overnight stay at the Federation House Resort, Semi-D two rooms. Quite comfortable for smaller families. Journey to the Coast Morib took 2 hours in the house. 67 KM from the town of Klang follow GPS participate. Morib beach center is construction work, will be established Morib Goldcoast.

Arriving alone in a rest home, we live sort Goose Island - Bedroom Unit: RM 60 / overnight. Basically, 6 adults can enter this chalet. There is WiFi, it is anticipated most of the visitors, the evening while enjoy internet service evening meal. Good, too, this chalet is also equipped with kitchen and cooking equipment to be probable of itself provide.

Other facilities available :
- BBQ Pit
- Beach View
- WiFi

Proposal :
Bring your own :
1. Clothing clip (if u plan to do laundry here)
2. Iron
3. Medication Mosquito!
4. Kite (it was very windy)

It should also visit :

- Coast Morib
- Enterprise-Fizz for lovers of chips (on the left-of RPP to the city Morib)

This place special for Government & Statutory employees only, if you're one of them alone may be booked.

I must say, I will definitely come back again!

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